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ES2310 | Readings in Engineering Thermodynamics

Snider, Jefferson R.
Rodi, Alfred R.
Cole, Benjamin
Readings in Engineering Thermodynamics: Thermodynamics is the science of energy transformation. These readings cover theoretical and conceptual topics that compliment lecture/homework in the sophomore-level course ES2310 taught at the University of Wyoming. Supplementary Graphics: Most graphs in the textbook were hand drawn by Benjamin Cole. A few were computer generated. This supplement contains the computer programs (*.pro; Interactive Data Language), graphics files output by the programs (*.ps; page description language), and converted graphics. The converted graphics are portable network graphics files (*.png). The png files were used to build the textbook.
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Reversible and irreversible processes , First Law of Thermodynamics , Various materials (air , water , refrigerant) , Single-phase materials , Two-phase materials , Thermodynamic cycles (vapor compression , Diesel , Brayton , etc.) , Closed and open devices , Carnot Devices (engine , refrigerator , heat pump) , Second Law of Thermodynamics , oer , wyoer
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