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    Research and Assessment Needs for Pallid Sturgeon Recovery in the Missouri River
    (2004) Quist, M.C.; A.M. Boelter; J.M. Lovator; N.M. Korfanta, H.L. Bergman, D.C. Latka, C. Korschgen, D.L. Galat, S. Krentz, M. Oetker, M. Olson, C.M. Scott, J. Berkley
    Proceedings from a workshop organized and facilitated by the Ruckelshaus Institute meant to help managers develop a research program to identify critical factors influencing pallid sturgeon declines and how those factors are affected by river operations and management.
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    Reclaiming NEPA's Potential: Can Collaborative Processes Improve Environmental Decision Making?
    (2000) O'Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West at The University of Montana, The Institute for Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Wyoming
    This document summarizes a workshop co-sponsored by Environment and Natural Resources and the O’Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West on “Communication and Consensus: Strategies for Fulfilling the Nation’s Environmental Policy." It explores the potential role of collaborative problem solving processes in the implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and makes a number of observations and recommendations which, when taken as a whole, can significantly improve the administration of this far-reaching law.
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    Wyoming Community Viz Partnership Phase I Pilot: Aquifer Protection and Community Viz in Albany County, Wyoming
    (2003) Scott N. Lieske, Steve Mullen, Mike Knapp, Jeffrey D. Hamerlinck
    This report details the results of a pilot project to promote Community VizTM based planning support systems in Wyoming. Phase I was a “proof of concept” pilot project set in Albany County in southeastern Wyoming to demonstrate the application of Community VizTM to a Wyoming-specific issue and to determine potential challenges.
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    Jackson Bison and Elk Herd Management: Situation Assessment and Process Recommendations
    (2000) The US Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution, The University of Wyoming's Institute for Environment and Natural Resources, The Meridian Institute
    Based on interviews with over 130 individuals, this report describes the range of interests and concerns surrounding elk and bison herds in the Jackson, Wyoming, area and provides recommendations for developing a public involvement strategy for their management.
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    Assessment of Collaboration and Consensus Building Needs and Opportunities in Wyoming
    (2000) Andrea Brandenburg, Ann Boelter
    The University of Wyoming’s Institute for Environment and Natural Resources surveyed Wyoming citizens about whether opportunities for collaboration and consensus building should be enhanced in Wyoming. The final report discusses the issues related to consensus building and collaboration, and offers a series of next steps to use the existing wealth of knowledge, skills and resources present in Wyoming to meet the identified needs.

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