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    Moonlighting as a Leader
    (Association of College and Research Libraries, 2024-06-01) Smith, Shannon Marie
    This chapter discusses the various challenges I have encountered as an early-career librarian working in scholarly communications and presents practical ways to think about these issues. While this chapter is written from my perspective, particularly in drawing upon themes and experiences in scholarly communications and scholarly communication adjacent work, this chapter holds relevant themes for anyone working as a leader without positional authority. It is important for librarians in these situations to recognize that while they may not be able to effect institution-level change, they can open the door for conversations that may not have previously occurred in their respective institutional contexts. They can ask difficult questions with an eye toward finding allies to help answer the questions they are grappling with. Here, for the individual librarian, it can be about doing something rather than expecting themselves to do everything.
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    Measuring the effects of fatherlessness on academic performance in college populations
    (University of Wyoming Libraries, 2024-05-09) He, Andrew; Dr. Kayla Burd
    Fatherlessness is a social issue that affects one in five American children (United States Census Bureau, 2020). Psychological research demonstrates that fatherless children in primary and secondary education perform worse academically compared to children who grew up with both parents, with more research suggesting that supportive fathers play a role in children’s cognitive stimulation and development (Cabrera et al., 2000; Pougnet et al., 2011). However, the relationship between fatherlessness and academic performance weakens in college students, and the literature remains unclear by which mechanism fatherlessness affects academic performance (Baron, 2010; Scott, 2017). The current research examined the relationship between fatherlessness and academic performance and investigated possible mechanisms (e.g., conscientiousness, emotional intelligence) that might mediate this relationship in college populations. This study hypothesized that the respective effects of supportive and negative paternal relationships on GPA would be mediated by the personality trait of conscientiousness. This study also hypothesized that the respective effects of supportive and negative paternal relationships with on GPA will be mediated by emotional intelligence. Mediation analyses revealed significant indirect effects of a) supportive paternal relationships on GPA as mediated by conscientiousness, b) negative paternal relationships on GPA as mediated by conscientiousness, c) supportive paternal relationships on GPA as mediated by emotional intelligence, and d) negative paternal relationships on GPA as mediated by emotional intelligence. Results suggested that growing up without a father may lead to lower levels of conscientiousness and emotional intelligence, which are negatively associated with GPA.
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    Laramie Middle School Rain and Snow Measurements
    (University of Wyoming Libraries, 2020-04-11) Fuller, Shelby; Marlow, Samuel; Snider, Jefferson
    Presentation at Laramie Middle School by University of Wyoming scientists. The topic is temperature and precipitation measurements made at the school.
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    Lecture Materials for Course in Cloud Physics and Cloud Dynamics
    (University of Wyoming Libraries, 2022-03-01) Snider, Jefferson
    Lecture Materials for the course ATSC5011. ATSC5011 is a graduate-level investigation of the behavior of clouds and the behavior of hydrometeors within clouds. Topics include cloud dynamics, shortwave and longwave radiation transport through clouds, activation of aerosol to droplets, nucleation of ice crystals, diffusion growth of droplets and ice crystals, and rain and snow development via collection.
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    Brothers, Captains, and Kings: Gender in High Fantasy
    (University of Wyoming Libraries, 2024-05-08) Condie, Luke; Dr. Barbara Logan
    For as long as it has existed, the high fantasy genre has been interwoven with our society's idea of gender. The two have constructed one another, with each story reflecting and critiquing contemporary notions of gender, and in turn, influencing its audience's views on the subject. This project aims to analyze this relationship and how it manifests in different works by different creators at different times. It begins with an examination of Tolkien, as the progenitor of the genre, and his works, discussing how they set the tone for the genre with a medievalist and Victorian take on masculinity. From there, it transitions to a discussion of femininity, first as a contrast and foil, and then as an independent concept in more recent works, such as those of contemporary author Marie Brennan, and even the film adaptations of Tolkien's novels. Finally, it examines how gender is seen and portrayed in 21st-century literature in media, and how it incorporates perspectives from outside a Western and heteronormative view.

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