Preliminary surficial geologic and landslide maps of the Blind Bull Creek and Pickle Pass quadrangles, Lincoln County, Wyoming

Wittke, S. J.
Mauch, J. P.
Lichtner, D. T.
This project was completed in order to map the trace of the northern extent of the Greys River fault, revisit and field confirm existing landslide mapping in the area, and map landslides that have occurred since the most recent mapping was completed. Additional geologic data were created through the course of the mapping campaign. Terraces of the Greys River were mapped based on height above the modern channel. Abandoned pediment surfaces originating from the Salt River Range to the west of the map area and from the Wyoming Range to the east of the Greys River were mapped as well. Detrital zircon analysis was conducted on a sample from the deposit in an attempt to provide a maximum depositional age. Finally, the surficial geology of the area, including glacial deposits associated with Pinedale- and Bull Lake-age glacial episodes, was mapped.
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Surficial Geology,Landslides,Surficial Geology,Landslides,Quaternary faults,Quaternary faults,Greys River fault
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