Geologic map of the King Mountain quadrangle, Albany County, Wyoming

Webber, P.M.
Lynds, R.M.
Stotter, S.V.
Lindsley, D.H.
Frost, B.R.
This Map Series geologic bedrock map of the King Mountain quadrangle was produced as part of an investigation of the critical mineral potential of the central Laramie Mountains, southeast Wyoming. The project, funded by the U.S. Geological Survey’s Earth Mapping Resource Initiative (Earth MRI), used new geologic mapping coupled with geochemistry and geochronology to study the relationship between mineralization and host rocks, timing, chemistry and mineralogy, and regional implications for overlapping mineral systems in the central Laramie Mountains. The Ragged Top Mountain quadrangle, which lies to the east of King Mountain, was also mapped as part of this investigation. Results of this study, including supplemental geochemistry and geochronology data, can be downloaded with the summary report (Report of Investigations 79).
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Wyoming State Geological Survey
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geologic bedrock map,critical minerals,rare earth elements,Wyoming,USGS Earth MRI,Laramie Mountains,Laramie Range,geochemistry,geochronology,King Mountain
Webber, P.M., Lynds, R.M., Stotter, S.V., Lindsley, D.H., and Frost, B.R., 2022, Geologic map of the King Mountain quadrangle, Albany County, Wyoming: Wyoming State Geological Survey Map Series 107, scale 1:24,000.
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