Greater Green River Basin Formation Tops Database, Structure and Thickness Contour Maps, and Associated Well Data, with a Focus on Potential Continuous Reservoirs

Lichtner, D. T.
Edgin, M. G.
Rodgers, J. R.
The Greater Green River Basin (GGRB) in southwestern Wyoming, northwestern Colorado, and northeastern Utah is an important region for conventional and continuous tight gas and shale oil, contributing more than half of Wyoming’s natural gas production. Stratigraphic interpretations in more than 2,600 oil and gas wells in the Wyoming portion of the GGRB were compiled from reliable sources or newly correlated, with the goal of providing a publicly available, quality-controlled dataset of subsurface geologic information. This dataset encompasses most of the Phanerozoic section, from the Precambrian crystalline basement to the Eocene Green River Formation, with a focus on established and potential oil and gas reservoirs, which are primarily Cretaceous in age. Well elevation datum, location, and depth were inspected for accuracy by comparison with primary documents. Contour maps of potential continuous reservoirs illustrate regional trends in formation depth and thickness. Stratigraphic interpretations and contour data are available on the Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) publications webpage and the Interactive Oil and Gas Map of Wyoming. To access an interactive map from Wyoming State Geological Survey, please see: WSGS PubID: OFR-2021-1 Dataset available in References.
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subsurface geology,Phosphoria,Mowry,Baxter,Niobrara,Lewis,Mesaverde,Wyoming
Lichtner, D.T., Edgin, M.G., and Rodgers, J.R., 2021, Greater Green River Basin formation tops database, tructure and thickness contour maps, and associated well data, with a focus on potential continuous reservoirs: Wyoming State Geological Survey Open File Report 2021-1, 31 p
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