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Pulsed laser deposition of Mn doped CdSe quantum dots for improved solar cell performance

Dai, Qilin
Sabio, E. M.
Wang, Wenyong
Tang, Jinke
In this work, we demonstrate (1) a facile method to prepare Mn doped CdSe quantum dots (QDs) on Zn2SnO4 photoanodes by pulsed laser deposition and (2) improved device performance of quantum dot sensitized solar cells of the Mn doped QDs (CdSe:Mn) compared to the undoped QDs (CdSe). The band diagram of photoanode Zn2SnO4 and sensitizer CdSe:Mn QD is proposed based on the incident-photon-to-electron conversion efficiency (IPCE) data. Mn-modified band structure leads to absorption at longer wavelengths than the undoped CdSe QDs, which is due to the exchange splitting of the CdSe:Mn conduction band by the Mn dopant. Three-fold increase in the IPCE efficiency has also been observed for the Mn doped samples.
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