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Rifle Recoil Shoulder Measurement Device

Kossack, Frederico Miguel de Oliveira Silva Matias
The origin of this project came from Dr. Frick’s and Dr. Fertig’s desire to design a rifle stock that would reduce recoil felt on the shoulder of the shooter. In order to begin manufacturing that stock, Dr. Frick and Dr. Fertig would need a device that could measure this felt recoil. Our clients also desired a system that could be used to test different recoil pads, so they could examine which pad would produce the lowest peak force. The objective of this project is to produce a device that can quantify the recoil that a shooter experiences when firing a rifle. This device must be able to handle a maximum force of 2000lbs and be able to test different recoil pads. The approach that was taken was to build upon a previous design, that was manufactured by our clients and to improve upon it. Some improvements that were made to the previous model were the addition of a second load cell to the rig to ensure stability, as well as to account for moments; using thicker plates for better strength; and adding a 3D printed band to the aluminum plates to ensure the load cell cords did not move or fall out when the gun is being fired. The project was a team effort, but this submission is an independent affair.
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