Flood Pattern Optimization of the Wertz-Tensleep

Cifrese, Danielle
Smith, Thomas
Hendrickson, Erik
Craig, Cora
Dimensionless analysis techniques can be utilized to model the field performance of a tertiary CO2 flood. By determining the dimensionless field maturity, enhanced oil recovery, CO2 injection, and utilization, many inferences can be formulated in regards to the flood performance. The Tensleep formation, located within the Wertz oil field in Wyoming, is currently under tertiary production via CO2 flood injection. A complete dimensionless analysis of the Wertz Tensleep field performance, based on production and injection history, has provided the necessary criteria for flood evaluation. The evaluation can be used to generate a CO2 injection schedule that would increase efficiency, amplify production, as well as the improve field profitability. This design aims to increase production by optimizing the CO2 injection schedule of the Wertz Tensleep on a pattern basis, as well as provide proposals for infill drilling projects. The economic merit of the design proposals were also considered.
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