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From A Satellite Writing Center To Resource Creation

Ridenour, Mary Anne
The University of Wyoming Writing Center strives to serve as many clients across the university as possible. Through this project, the goal was to create a sustainable partnership with UW Student Athletics to bring a Writing Center tutor to their tutoring services. A partnership would combat the low student athlete usage rates, create an opportunity to discuss the types of services the Writing Center provides with a new student population, and provide a framework for sustainable partnerships in the future. However, difficulties with COVID-19 and staff turnover in Student Athletics brought an end to this partnership. As a result, the project was pivoted to create sustainable resources for English 1010 students and all Writing Center clients. These resources were generated based on the responses of a survey of English 1010 Instructors and combat the issue of staff turnover within the Writing Center as they can be utilized for many years to come.
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Writing Center,Student Athletics,Program Generation,Resource Creation,English 1010,Thesis Statements,Transitions
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