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Denver Student Teaching Practicum

Whiting, Kayla
During my research semester, I have had the opportunity to work with a group of thirty, third-grade students to improve and grow in my teaching before I have my own classroom. My practicum experience was in the heart of Denver at Teller Elementary School. My cooperating teacher is in her 34th year of teaching; she has taught and guided me through additional ways to research. The purpose of this practicum experience was to learn how to support and grow future students in their needs academically and social-emotionally. The capstone project assigned is a project that is assigned countrywide and purposed to measure student teachers before they enter the classroom. Some states require a passing grade on this assessment in order to become a licensed teacher in that state. This process is called edTPA (Education Teachers Performance Assessment). The overall process of edTPA is to have pre-service teachers learn how to best enter the classroom and practice, through research, planning, and reflection. Within this project, I was instructed to reflect on my teaching using extensive research and planning. Through this project, I was able to learn how to best meet the needs of a large group of students that have a great range of comprehension of varying content areas. Presenting in Undergraduate research day, I would like to share and reflect on my time being a student teacher. I would like to share what I had the opportunity to learn throughout my entire semester planning, researching, and teaching.
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