MAX Phase Metal Carbides

Kasprisin, Sean
MAX Phase metal carbides are metal carbides with an additional element such as Aluminum or Silicon. The structure of MAX Phase metal carbides is similar to that of graphene with a layered structure of the metal carbide and the additional element. Metal Carbides in general have been researched as an alternative catalyst source for the reduction of oxygen in the hydrogen/oxygen reduction/oxidation reaction. Currently the best catalyst for the reduction of oxygen is platinum which is expense and not in abundant amounts. The research I have conducted under the supervision of Professor Brian Leonard was to synthesis clean samples of Titanium Aluminum Carbide by annealing the starting materials along with a salt solution with a low eutectic point in order to find a simple manner in which to synthesis the MAX phase metal carbide. Once a MAX phase metal carbide is synthesized, the additional element can be removed to create a two-dimensional structure to increase the surface area of the metal carbide and possibly increase the catalytic abilities of the metal carbide.
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