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Open Universal Design for Learning: Working to Make Open Education Resources Equitable and Accessible

Peter, Samantha
Baribeau, Hilary
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is having a larger presence in the pedagogy of librarians who teach information literacy. However, while themes of accessibility have gained strong traction in the conversations around information literacy, the application of accessible pedagogical approaches, such as UDL, has yet to have a large presence in the open educational resource (OER) literature, even though the principles of UDL and open access practices are closely aligned. Applying the principles of UDL to OER in the classroom and in repositories helps to provide a practical example of how the technical and ethical aspects of UDL can work in academic libraries. UDL can be used to drive purposeful work in both open practices and open infrastructures in meaningful ways. All levels of instructional support, from librarians to instructional designers, and repository managers, can begin to take the steps to incorporate the principles of UDL and open education resources and work toward the pedagogical and technical equity that will help to support learners and educators.
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American Library Association