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Third Grade Literacy Recall

Layden, Annie
Recall of content knowledge is a skill that every elementary-aged student uses throughout the school day. This skill is practiced in each content area that is associated with collecting information from any oral or written text. Students who are able to recall important knowledge are then able to synthesize that information so it is adequately stored as schema for future learning. Recall can be practiced with literacy and nonfiction texts in the literacy content area. The ability to recall is a skill that is practiced in creating sequels of literacy works along with synthesizing research from two article sources in order to write a paragraph about both articles. Lessons that focus on this skill of retelling and recalling information help students to later access prior knowledge as scaffolding for new knowledge. This skill was practiced with third graders through a fiction, literacy piece along with two nonfiction articles on endangered animal species. With the literacy work students were expected to create their own sequel of the story with original story elements. Then student with the endangered species articles were expected to synthesize information from both to create their own analysis of them in a paragraph.
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literacy,third grade,prior knowledge,Elementary Education
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