Enhanced Oil Recovery Field Candidate Screening: Wyoming

McCallum, Cameron
Oughton, Evan
Taylor, Cullen
Rath, Brendan
Davis-Hall, Rushton
Various Operators within Wyoming have been producing from oilfields that have demonstrated steady declines in production over time. In order to maximize overall recovery within fields in Wyoming proposed methods of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) will be researched and all available field data will be screened in order to determine the most probable field candidates for EOR implementation. The EOR methods of interest are; Nitrogen and Flue Gas flooding, Thermal Injections, Hydrocarbon Flooding, Carbon Dioxide Flooding, Polymer Flooding and Alkaline Flooding. Our Team chose to conduct the field candidate screening process of all the fields within Wyoming. The team was provided the data from Mr. Nick Jones of the Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute (EORI) in Wyoming as well as provided access to the Wyoming Oil and Gas commission database. The project objective is to perform a successful screening of field candidates based on different EOR method criteria. The results of this screening will reduce the field candidates down to only five per EOR method. From there incremental production increases will be calculated for each candidate field and economics will be estimated. These results will provide the final recommendations of the top two field candidates for each EOR method.
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