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Ruttinger, Loren
Dale Creek is located southeast of Laramie, WY near Tie Siding. The site of the old Union Pacific railroad abutments makes for an ideal location to build a dam to augment water storage for the City of Cheyenne, WY. The stream channel is narrow and deep at this point, while widening considerably upstream. This presents the opportunity to construct a relatively small dam in comparison to its volumetric storage. In conjunction with Taylor Kasperick and Jacob Wilson, I intend to determine if building a dam at this location would be a beneficial and economical option to augment water storage for Cheyenne. We will use a combination of hydrologic analysis, hydraulic analysis, common small earthen dam design, emergency spillway design, and storage capacity analysis to determine if the proposed dam site is feasible. This benefit/cost analysis will compare the volumetric storage of the dam to the total expense of construction. Based upon this final study, our design team will make an educated and practical suggestion as to whether or not a dam should be constructed at this site.
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