Series Hybrid Off-Road Vehicle Design

Mollman, Luke
Schlotthauer, Jonathan
Woodward, Sean
Purcell, Kyle
HORV-Tech is converting a 1982 Honda Odyssey ATV from its original two-stroke internal combustion engine powertrain to a series-hybrid powertrain. In order to establish design objectives, testing was performed on the original vehicle to determine the performance capabilities which must be met or exceeded by the hybrid-powertrain-equipped vehicle. Using these design objectives, determined through collaboration between HORV-Tech and the sponsor, Z4 Energy Systems, LLC, a design morphology was developed and key components were selected. Mathematical models were used to analyze the performance of each component and its integration into the total product to meet the objectives. Emphasis was placed on selection and configuration of the components within the power train. The design includes the electric motor, electric storage units, charging units, the generator, and all controls and connections associated with the components.
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