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Coach Starting from Station at Gardiner for Tour of Park, Yellowstone National Park, Wyo., U.S.A.

B.L. Singley,
COACH STARTING FROM GARDINER FOR TOUR OF THE YELLOWSTONE PARK. The coach ride from the Gardiner railway station at the northern entrance to the Yellowstone National Park to Mammoth Hot Springs--about six miles of gradual ascent--is an hour of extreme delight for all who have red blood coursing in the body and brain capacity worth considering. Seated in (or better, on top of) an easy coach, built to accommodate comfortably about twenty persons, one finds the altitudes (5,400 feet at Gardiner, 6,215 at Mammoth Springs Hotel) decidedly stimulating and exhilarating, while the changing scenes are enchanting. Each coach is drawn by six large and sleek horses, which are either clean white or coal black in color, and are built and trained for their task. Each passenger girds up the loins of his soul as the driver tightens the reins over his powerful team, cracks his whip and swings round the circle, through the Entrance Archway, and thence along the banks of the rushing Gardiner River and up the slopes of Terrace Mountain to the hotel. The bracing air, fresh from the snowdraped Rockies, gives one an appetite for every good thing the hotel has to offer. It is a ride never to be forgotten; but it is only the beginning of a trip that is to require several days of time, and will be crowded with surprises, wonders, instruction and delight.
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