Improvement of Cognitive Function in the Elderly with the Use of Amplification

Crain, Ashton
In the field of audiology much of the up and coming research has focused on the benefits of hearing aids in the elderly who are experiencing a decline in cognitive function, along with hearing loss. Many researchers have devoted their careers to multiple studies that support that amplification can improve cognitive functioning. This research has driven hearing technology and hearing counseling past the ear and directly to the brain. This research is important in understanding the brains process of adapting to stimulation of sound and how the brain's stimulation of the auditory cortex can improve cognition. There are a number neurological of consequences of hearing loss that can be prevented with proper amplification including, speech perception, localization of sound, and speech understanding. Although amplification is by no means a small expense, there are many benefits that can come from this investment. These benefits include a higher quality of life, increased social interactions, decreased anxiety and depression, and improvements cognitive decline.
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