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Crater of Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone Nat. Park, Wyo., The

THE CRATER OF OLD FAITHFUL GEYSER, YELLOWSTONE PARK. Just a few feet in front of us, beyond the exquisitely modelled basins of limpid water at our feet, we are looking at the gently steaming crater of Old Faithful. It is from this vent, about 2 ft. by 6 ft. in size, that the famous geyser, punctually every 65 minutes, flings its mighty column of water and steam 120 to 170 ft. aloft, flooding the surrounding mound of glisterning sinter with 1,500,000 gallons of water in the course of each 4-minutes eruption. Col. H. M. Chittenden has eloquently said: "Any five other geysers could be erased from the list better than part with Old Faithful.... It is, in fact, the most perfect of all known geysers. to it fell the honor of welcoming civilized man, the Washburn Expedition, to this region. It was the first geyser named. it stands at the head of the basin and has been happily called 'The Guardian of the Valley.' " In its eruptions, he continues, "it gives ample warning and visitors have time to station themselves where the view will be most perfect. The graceful column rises, at first with apparent effort but later with evident ease, to a height of 150 feet. The noise is simply that of a jet of water from an ordinary hose, only in intensity corresponding to the greater flow. The steam, when carried laterally by a gentle breeze, unfurls itself like an enormous flag from its watery standard.... The combination of conditions by which the supply of heat and water and the form of the tube are so perfectly adapted to their work that even a chronometer is scarcely more regular in its actioni, is one of the miracles of nature." (View looking N. E. Elev. 7,350 ft. Lat. 45° N.; Long. 111° W.)
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