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Assessment of Commercial Development in Laramie, Wyoming

Christensen, Mark T.
Economic development is essential to the welfare and longevity of communities across the United States. Commercial and business developments promote thriving, prosperous municipalities. Laramie, Wyoming is no exception to this condition. This senior honors project will help identify and quantify the available land for business and commercial development in the City of Laramie. To do so, a description of planning on the municipal level must first be addressed. After this briefing, the study will examine how the inventory of undeveloped, under-utilized, and residential units in high use districts was completed using the city GIS database and other mapping technologies. Raw numbers and statistical analyses will be compiled and reported for the gathered parcel data. This will then transition into a discussion on why a study of this degree is essential to future developments and future land use plans in a municipality. The study will culminate with data and recommendations on land availability for B1, B2, and C2 zoning districts, which the City of Laramie Planning Department will utilize.
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