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Athletic Trainer’s Role in Promoting Psychological Well-Being among Collegiate Student Athletes with Sport-Related Injuries

MacArthur, Luke Paxton
Athletic trainers are often on the front line of providing psychological support to  collegiate athletes during injury rehabilitation. However, research has yet to examine how  collegiate athletes view athletic trainers in this role. Thus, the current study aimed to understand  what kind of psychological support collegiate athletes look for from athletic trainers throughout  injury rehabilitation. Demographics, sport and injury history, and overall student athlete well?being were assessed via online survey. Following the survey, participants completed a 30-minute  zoom interview answering open-ended, qualitative questions regarding psychological well-being  during injury rehabilitation. Results culminated into four main themes: 1) Ranges of Emotional  and Psychological Reactions; 2) Impact of a Positive Mindset; 3) Process of Healing Matters;  and 4) Environments Conducive to Healing. Recommendations for athletic trainers and sports  medicine departments on how to effectively respond to student athletes’ psychological needs  during injury rehabilitation are provided, including maintaining a positive relationship with  athletes, fostering positive mindsets, mutual dedication to return-to-play, and creating a  supportive athletic training room environment.
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Athletic Trainers,Rehabilitation,Psychological Well-Being,Sports Psychology,Collegiate Athletes
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