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Bear Named Jerry, A

Flickinger, Kelly
This creative writing piece is based off of experiences within my own family. It describes a family that is in a car accident and the aftermath of that event. The aim of this work is to explore human nature, especially in the face of tragedy. Each member of the family deals with the crash in a different and often unexpected way. The narrator is a girl whose father and two younger siblings are in a wreck in her first year of college. She examines not only the reactions of those around her, but also how she deals with changes brought on by the event. The father is injured and must learn to cope with his paralysis and become humbled by the disabilities he faces. The younger brother struggles with his guilt as he was the driver and yet walked away uninjured. The little sister portrays a great strength of character as she heals two broken femurs. The mother cannot deal with the stress of the situation, especially when her infidelity comes to light, and leaves the family for her new man. As the story moves from the event of the crash to the divorce following, the narrator becomes critical of the relationships she has with those around her. She questions the ties of family and comes to understand that even her parents are only human and every human is capable of great strength and incredible selfishness.
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