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Rolling into Host: A cross-county cycling trip raising awareness of America’s affordable housing crisis

Kudera, Courtney
Bicycling over four thousand miles promoting affordable housing, I witnessed the repercussions and efforts made concerning one of America’s most concerning social and economic issues, affordable housing. As a Bike & Build participant, my team and I experienced and were able to directly discuss the issue as we crossed the southern United States. This creative project presents a portion of America’s affordable housing struggles through a creative non-fiction narrative. While affordable housing is the focus, topics including cycling and communal living will also be addressed. Primarily, this creative non-fiction encourages discussion regarding affordable housing through an entertaining lens. Issues such as disaster relief, sustainability, temporary housing, as well as zero-waste construction will be discussed in their respective regions and states. First-hand experiences will be the primary focus; however, additional research-based information is also included regarding specific locations’ affordable housing struggles. Characters will represent my teammates and our experiences as we crossed the country. This will include discussing interpersonal interactions with hosts, affordable housing affiliates, as well as other individuals met along the way. Each interaction and mention will highlight either communal living, cycling, or affordable housing. Stylistically inspired by Born to Run, the goal regarding this creative non-fiction is to be informative about an important issue while remaining entertaining.
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