SAE Baja Front Suspension and Steering

Clark, Mitchell
Wright, Lewis
Hopkins, Kevin
Tomczak, Dylan
The SAE Baja Competition is an off road competition in which a student made buggy must traverse various types of off-road conditions. The front suspension and steering team must design and fabricate a robust suspension that can handle the demanding needs of the competition. While saving weight we are trying to decrease buggy turn radius and create a steering system that will maintain proper wheel angle through full suspension travel. The combination of front suspension and steering is a highly dynamic system that must handle the changing conditions of the endurance race course. The suspension must be robust enough to endure the entirety of the race, but must to light enough to meet the weight restraints that were set for this year's vehicle. Our student designed suspension and steering system will decrease weight and provide a robust platform to help the University of Wyoming SAE Mini Baja team successfully compete in competition.
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