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McKinley, Sheridan
One of the major challenges in the theatre is communication. With casts of over 20 and design teams of almost 15, making sure everyone is in contact with everyone else is a feat to say the least. Of course, we all have email, Facebook, text messages, etc., but for the University of Wyoming's production of The Tender Land by Aaron Copland, I wanted to find a better way to help bridge the gap between the actors, the design team, and the stage management team. I have created a website to act as the hub of communication for everyone involved with the production. It includes pages for schedules, photos, announcements, reports, and everything else involved in the mounting of a production. My goal was to see if creating a website would help everyone involved be more informed about the rehearsal process, and to create a sort of time capsule of the production that the designers, actors, and other faculty could access long after the production closes. In this presentation, I will explain how I made the website, how I chose what got put on it, and whether I accomplished my goals or not.
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