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How Students, Schools, and the Community Benefit from Garden-Based Education: Frameworks for Developing a Garden-Based Education Center

Ratcliffe, Claire
Gardens can be used as a valuable tool in schools to teach curriculum, improve student behavior and self-confidence, instill a sense of responsibility in participants, and strengthen connections between schools and the community. The benefits of school gardens are well documented, but several challenges impede the effective use of gardens in many youth programs due to the time and knowledge required in maintaining garden-based education programs. In response to this need, a business plan was developed for a garden-based education center that will provide schools and communities with educational resources and support for maintaining gardening programs. The business plan is supported by in-depth research on garden-based education (GBE), beginning with a literature review that explores the successes and shortcomings of garden-based education programs. This research is additionally informed by educator surveys and interviews with existing GBE non-profit organizations. The information gathered and analyzed from these sources form the foundation of the business plan for Growing Real Opportunities for Wyoming (GROWyoming), an organization promoting sustainable living, educational innovation, and community partnerships through garden-based education programs.
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Garden-Based Education,Place-Based Education,STEM,Business Plan,Education,Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations,Science and Mathematics Education
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