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Blue French Horn: Intertwining Origin Stories in How I Met Your Mother, The

Stein, Sydney T.
LeFebvre, Leah T.
This study investigates the intertwining origin stories in the television show, How I Met Your Mother. The TV show focuses on the main character, Ted Mosby, on his search for love, a wife, and mother of his children, with the help of his best friends. While research regarding origin stories is incomplete, How I Met Your Mother will allow for framing of origin story research as the show features Ted narrating his quest to his future children. Through the analysis of a popularized television show, origin story research will be expanded to demonstrate that two origin stories can occur side-by-side as the narrator places himself in the story. Ted tells the story to reaffirm his love for the Mother, while subtly using it as a way to position himself close to Robin again. The narrative Ted tells allows him to be in the action, igniting a flame for an old lover through the telling of the story.
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origin stories,How I Met Your Mother,love,television,Critical and Cultural Studies,Other Communication
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