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S. W. up the Canyon from Inspiration Point-Top of Lower Falls in distance, Yellowstone Park, U.S.A.

About two miles northeast of Point Lookour (No. 34) is another projecting ledge that allows us to creep close to the edge at that dizzy height of some 1,500 feet and get a glorious view of the Grand Canyon and the top of the Lower Falls in the distance. This is Inspiration Point from which one of the best views of the canyon is obtained, and were it not that Point Lookout prevents, the Great Falls could be seen to advantage; however, only the top of them is visible. In the morning one can obtain the best view from this Point, but at any time the scene baffles description. Artists's Point, so called from the fact that Mr. Moran painted his famous pictures from that Point, is back of the tops of the trees at the bare spot at the left of the stereograph. Point Lookout can also be seen in this view; it is at the right and above the Falls where we see two small pyramidal rocks standing up to the left of the point of trees. In many places in the rocks which we see here we find traces of old steam vents, and the hot water and steam have produced a most marvelous mingling of colors upon the rocks. Yellow, of various shades, red, and other bright colors are streaked side by side from the top to the bottom of the canyon, producing so splendid an effect that not even the most gorgeous sunset can rival it in beauty. The tourist gazes long and earnestly at the canyon from this Point, drinking in as it were, the stupendous grandeur and overpowering beauty of the scene, that he may ever after recall with exactness the wonderful view; and this is the last Point on the route from which the rocks with their gorgeous mantle can be clearly seen as farther on they are covered with trees.
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