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United Wellness: Health Promotion at the University of Wyoming

Raska, Nathan
The GetFRUVED Project; a USDA approved joint research opportunity evaluating over 90 academic institutions throughout the United States, was designed to assess the health and wellness status of campus environments. Of those institutions included, the University of Wyoming was selected to serve as a Control Site, with collected data focused on the evaluation of the health facilitation resources it offers. To accomplish this, two methods of research were utilized including 1) an initial survey and 2) a subsequent audit series. Entitled the "Health, Fitness and Wellness Survey", this initial assessment, designed by the GetFRUVED research team, was distributed across campus via email. The Health, Fitness, and Wellness Survey contained a variety of questions regarding students' personal behaviors, as well as perceptions of the healthfulness of the University of Wyoming campus environment. Along with survey-collected data, observational audits were conducted as well. These audits targeted three primary sectors of campus health: Dining, Physical Fitness and Recreation, and Health Policy. Within Dining and Physical Fitness, various establishments located both on campus grounds as well as within a set perimeter were visited and evaluated through the use of predetermined audit forms. To evaluate the sector of Health Policy, the University's website and complementary databases were utilized. Audits were conducted by a 7-member team composed of undergraduate community nutrition students, as well as undergraduate honors and graduate researchers. All data obtained from the survey and audits were compiled and submitted to the GetFRUVED national research team for analysis and quantification. Data collection for the GetFRUVED project reached completion at the end of 2017. Data specific to the University of Wyoming, when compared to national results, found campus recreation and several areas within both dining and wellness to be above average, with the remainder of areas assessed below average. Feedback from the GetFRUVED project will be used to enhance current health and wellness resources as well as inspire the creation of novel programs and offerings.
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