E-Baja Electronic Display System

Locke, Aron
Retzlaff, Nikolai
When you drive a vehicle, you continuously obtain information from your surroundings. This information is used to make decisions based off of the dangers around you. Over time the head up displays of our vehicles have become increasingly more important and useful. The very first automobiles did not have a head up display. Only your senses of sight, hearing, and touch were available to observe the environment around you. However as automobiles advanced and became more complex, there was a need for more complex feedback systems to warn users of potential problems. The E-Baja Electronic Display System is a standalone feedback system for use with the E-Baja vehicle. The goal of this project was to supply information that would be useful in off road environments that the E-Baja would be operating in. Our system uses peripheral devices to detect pitch, roll, and speed which is then conveyed using a liquid crystal display. Other information from sensors on the vehicle are transmitted via the CAN bus system to our microcontroller to be viewed on the display. Our device helps to provide information to the driver of the vehicle that could be important and useful during operation.
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