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Effective Science Journalism: Theory and Practice

Reinertsen, Charlie
Science communication is the interface between the general public and the scientific community. When science communication is effective, it allows the public to understand and engage with scientific discussions. If science communication is not effective, it isolates the public from the scientific community. Unfortunately, there are many cases where science communication is not effective. It is not easy to communicate complex scientific topics in a way that the general public can understand. It is even harder to do so in a way that does not misconstrue science. This project investigates the current literature on effective science journalism practice and theory. I use the tools and knowledge I gain from the literature review to write an article for Western Confluence magazine. I then discuss the process and highlight specific examples of where I incorporate what I learned into the article. Through this project, I improve my own understanding and practice of science journalism, and I synthesize the current practices that are deemed effective by scholars and practitioners within the field of science journalism.
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