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Self Reflection through Art and Nature

Post, Cassidy Joy
This project is a self-reflective, illustrated narrative exploring a theme of identity through the lens of animals and art. As an Asian-American artist, I wanted to use art and creative writing to express my experiences in school, and reflect on my own developing identity through the universal language of nature. This project is a continuation of my BFA art show, which began with thinking about the ways in which COVID-19 has impacted our society and the many social, political, and racial issues that were brought to light during the year. As a result of the pandemic, I found myself turning back to nature for solace and validation, and the illustrations within represent these moments. The illustrations are all done in watercolor, and the presentation is shown through VidGrid.
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Self-reflection,Art,Creative writing,Asian-American,Identity,Watercolor,Nature,Narrative,Art history,COVID-19
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