Core and Fluid Analysis of the Wertz Field

Alajeel, Mohammad
Antrim, Samuel
Dielwart, Samuel
Li, Guihe
Zempel, Thaddius
A core and fluid analysis of the Tensleep formation, within the Wertz Field, near Bairoil, Wyoming, has been conducted. The goal of the study was to not only to analyze the core and fluid data, but also to quantify the effects of the miscible WAG CO2 flooding project on the field's production. The study also investigates the ethics, economic practicality and environmental impact of the project. The data for the study was acquired from the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission website and several SPE papers. The WOGCC website had detailed records of a single core sample from Wertz well 133. Several SPE papers containing flow test and well logging data were located, from which flow test permeability versus well-log porosity data could be extracted and compared to the core sample data. A major gap in field specific data still existed after the conclusion of the core and fluid study, however, relative permeability and capillary pressure data were acquired, through proxy, by consolidating data from other Tensleep wells around the state of Wyoming. The conducted analysis utilizes lab fluid and core values, along with empirical relationships, to define fluid flow behavior in the porous media. The study concludes in a Buckley-Leverett evaluation to determine the expected flow in the reservoir as compared to the actual reservoir response to the flood.
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