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Creating Columns or Breaking Down Barriers: A Self-Study into Exploring Rubrics

Beitler, John Andrew
This was an action research based self-study project. This study explored three different types of rubrics developed to assess student learning and their use in my instruction. It consisted of a two-part exploratory cycle. Within each of the two cycles, I designed and implemented three different types of rubrics; holistic , analytic descriptor , and single point . Throughout this three-month project, I documented changes in my thoughts and in my actions and instruction. During this time, I journaled about the process, and within that, four themes emerged: changes over time, theory to practice, rubric expectations and outcomes, and flaws and rules . On finding that, I realized that initial expectations and outcomes rarely align. Even though I had planned to avoid flaws identified in the literature for building rubrics, I avoided them only partially. I also discovered that the theories embedded in my research framework, constructivism and differentiation , were deeply integrated into my research and practice.
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Rubrics,rubric development,Holistic,Analytic Descriptor,Single point,action research,Self-study,constructivism theory,Constructivism (Education),differentiation,Backwards Design,K-8
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