CO2 Based Enhanced Oil Recovery Scenario for the Tensleep Reservoir at Teapot Dome, Natrona County, Wyoming USA

Green, Beau
Kloss, Charlie
Seidlich, Michael
Kern, Jack
Morrison, Quinn
The Teapot Dome field is a faulted dome in the Salt Creek anticline on the southwestern margin of the Powder River Basin 35 miles north of Casper Wyoming. The Teapot Dome field is included in the Basin Margin Anticline Play of the Powder River Basin petroleum province (Dennen 2005). The Tensleep stratigraphic layer of the Teapot Dome field is a thin sandstone overlain by a dolomite layer intermixed with shales and limestones. The Tensleep sandstone formation has an average thickness of 320 feet interbedded with marine dolomites. The Tensleep reservoir is further divided into Sand A, Dolomite B, Sand B, Dolomite C1 and Sand C1; Sand A and B are oil producers (Ouenes et al. 2010). This project will analyze the geophysical data available on the Tensleep reservoir to make a static Petrel model. The static model will incorporate field data and well logs taken from 15 well sites. We will also incorporate 3-D seismic into the petrel model for further accuracy of the formation geological attributes. After the static model is completed we will create the dynamic model to path reservoir simulations of varying CO2 injection techniques. After analyzing the dynamic models, we will suggest the best CO2 injection scenario for the reservoir.
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