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Retrospective on the Trump Candidacy, A

Collins, Hunter
Donald Trump's candidacy along with his ascendance to the top of the Republican primary field is one of the most remarkable events to have occurred in modern American politics. For many current students this is the most unique and unexpected campaign of their lifetimes. However Mr. Trump's success baffles many mainstream commentators and political scientists struggle to fully explain the runaway elections of this primary cycle. This project will attempt to explain Mr. Trump's triumphs along with analyzing the mistakes made by his opponents and more general social and political conditions that have led us to where we are today. The primary season is always fluid and this election is no exception, therefore as the election continues to evolve so too will this project, however many of the roots of Mr. Trump's candidacy stretch back much further than his successes this spring and this investigation may prove that the die was cast some time ago.
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