Key-Free Secure Storage

Gern, Matthew
Legg, Taylor
Richard, Siena
Modern authentication practices are susceptible to exploitation due to password weakness. These vulnerabilities include users who have the same password for multiple accounts, use weak passwords, or write down said passwords in plain sight. Key-Free is a solution to these problems. It allows users to securely store and retrieve complex passwords on a variety of devices. This enables users to be more secure with daily computer practices. Key-Free is a revolutionary device that operates using audio communication to the user's smartphones, tablets, or computers. The Key-Free device is paired with the website to allow the person to interact with it in a user-friendly way. The website is responsible for encrypting the data in a secure manner and transferring it to the Key-Free device. Furthermore, the website can generate cryptographically secure passwords to enable users to have different, complex passwords for each account. The Key-Free device then records and stores the secure information in a format that allows it to be decrypted by the website whenever the user needs it. Widespread use of Key-Free could drastically improve Internet security by resolving the above mentioned password insecurities.
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