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Mathematics Education for Students with Severe Cognitive Disabilities

Frazier, Pamela G.
This literature review covers the current body of research conclusions regarding mathematics for students with severe cognitive disabilities (SCD). It reviews the historical background and importance of mathematics education as a whole in the special education system and for students with SCD. It emphasizes that research in this field is recent, within the past two decades. Although legislation of No Child Left Behind has been a contributing factor, these students are reaching higher potential than ever known possible, and this is calling for a body of research, training, and instructional materials to be available and current. More attention is being given to mathematics education and this attention is for including all special education students. In this paper, standards are reviewed and the cognitive foundations of disabilities are discussed. Curricula and interventions are being developed to meet these needs. Evidence shows an awareness and commitment to making more mathematics available and meaningful for students with severe cognitive disabilities.
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