Water Storage Tank Monitoring System

Kane, Ryan
This senior design project aims to build a prototype of a system that will monitor the water level of a water storage tank located on my family ranch near Sheridan, WY. This storage tank provides water to a large section of the ranch and must be monitored every couple of days to make sure that the water level does become too low or too high. This system will use a guided wave radar level sensor to read the water level and then wirelessly transmit this information to a home station. An LCD screen at the home station will read the water level of the storage tank, eliminating the need of the user to check the water level of the storage tank daily. In addition to the level sensor, this project also needs a pair of wireless transceivers and antennas, a microcontroller at both the transmitting and receiving ends, a battery, and an LCD screen. This system will be able to increase efficiency on the ranch by reducing time spent checking the storage tank.
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