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Bear Feeding, Yellowstone National Park, Wyo.

BEAR FEEDING, YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK. Yellowstone National Park is a large piece of land in the western part of our country. It belongs to the United States Government. The most interesting thing in the park is the wild animals, that are quite tame. There are plenty of deer, elk, moose, antelope, buffalo and bears. It sounds like a good place for you or your big brother to hunt. But it is not. In this park no one is allowed to shoot an animal. That is why they have grown so tame. They have learned that people will not harm them. The brown bears are the funniest animals to watch. Every night they come for their supper at a certain place back of one of the hotels. A wagon with filled garbage cans is driven among them. The garbage is emptied in a line so that all the bears can have a chance at the food. Sometimes the old bears send their cubs up into the trees to wait for their supper. There they roost, their little fat stomachs hanging over the branch, their little ears cocked, watching their mother. if you go too near they will call to her. If you are camping in the park someone must always stay near the tent. If you do not do this the bears may walk off with your food. That would not be very funny.
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