Boat Dock Storage Locker

Stingley, Tyler
Vetter, Benjamin
Wilson, Garrett
Heinrich, Levi
The boat dock storage locker was developed by CTS (Cowboy Tackle Storage) as per the requests of Mr. Alan Miller. Secure storage of personal belongings is important to everyone, especially in the fishing and boating industry. Boating and fishing gear can be worth hundreds of dollars, and can be very expensive to replace if lost or stolen. Conventional lockers use pad locks and are located on the ground level of the dock. The boat dock storage locker design is intended to deter thieves by being securely stored in an overhead position, while still remaining accessible to the operator. To achieve the lowering and the raising of the storage locker, an electric powered linear actuator, along with a spring-pulley system, was incorporated to rotate the locker about its short axis. Once the locker is in the stored position, a locking mechanism is activated, securely storing the locker in the overhead position. SolidWorks™ was utilized extensively to design and verify the boat dock storage locker design. The final design of the boat dock storage locker took into account the ease of fabrication, availability of materials, along with cost and the possibility of future production of the product on a large scale basis.
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