Baja Steering Team

Alshekh, Abdulkhaliq
Capron, Robert L.
Evans, Sheldon P.
This year our goals for the 2016 Baja Steering Team are to reduce the turning radius from 15' to 7', eliminate bump steer, to increase the allowable space for the drivers foot operations within the cockpit and eliminate Ackerman angle. To eliminate bump steer we have ensured that the tie rods pivot about an arc concentric with the pivoting arc of the front A-arm. We achieved this by designing the tie rods to be the same effective length as the front a-arms. The rack and pinion will be lowered the maximum distance allowable before bump steer is introduced and will be on a parallel plane with the steering knuckle. This will maximize the cockpit space available for foot control operations. A larger angle of wheel orientation while turning will be implemented due to the suspension obstruction. However, a cutting brake will reduce the effective turning radius to 7' while allowing the wheels to remain parallel, effectively eliminating Ackerman angle. The bump steer was eliminated, however there will be a slightly larger turning radius due to the obstruction. The maximum lowered distance of the rack and pinion still resulted in an elevated floor board due to the safety constraints, necessary to eliminate bump steer. The goal of a 7' turning radius will be achieved with a cutting break and is significantly smaller than last year's model. Bump steer and Ackerman angle were also eliminated with our design.
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