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Understanding Student Sense of Peer Belonging at the University of Wyoming

Elliott, Carmen
Sense of peer belonging has been found to be an essential aspect of university life and academics in general. My project focused on using statistical analysis to determine what factors contribute to sense of peer belonging in students attending the University of Wyoming. Using anonymized data from the 2018 National Survey of Student Engagement graciously provided by the Office of Institutional Analysis, I was able to identify significant factors that contribute to students’ sense of peer belonging for 2018 through method of multiple regression analysis. Through a combination of R and Minitab programs while meeting key statistical assumptions, I was able to determine which Engagement Indicators and High Impact Practices are most effective at UW. Post hoc analysis and analysis of variance tests concluded there are several other Engagement Indicators and High Impact Practices outside of my regression model that affect sense of peer belonging as well. Information provided by my capstone/thesis project can provide useful insight for the university in efforts to increase students sense of belonging and therefore their academics.
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University of Wyoming. Libraries