Bluetooth Temperature and Barometric Pressure Sensor

VanHoudt, Thomas
Wireless communication is a big deal in today's world, so, many devices use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect wirelessly and receive desired information. One important piece of information desired by many is the weather. My senior design project will allow people to easily connect to a wireless sensor, and view the temperature and atmospheric pressure, wherever they please. The portable sensor will use a microcontroller to receive data from a temperature and pressure sensor, then send that data to a Bluetooth module. A bit stream will be sent wirelessly from the Bluetooth module, on the sensor, to a Bluetooth device, such as a computer or smart phone. The user will just have to open a terminal on their Bluetooth device and watch the information print on the screen. Users will be able to read temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius, and atmospheric pressure in Millibars and inches of Mercury. My project brings the ease of a weather channel to anybody with a Bluetooth device.
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