Tensleep Injection Analysis at Wertz Field

Carreau, Cameron
Dhillon, Inderpreet
Reid, Jordan
Larson, Dan
Using 60 years of production data, several models were constructed to analyze the performance of the Wertz Tensleep Water Alternating Gas (WAG) injection. Having located several areas of the field which have been deemed underperforming, a reservoir model was created to determine the effectiveness of the WAG program. Using the reservoir model and coupled with an analysis of the production data, a drilling program was created to adjust the field injection and improve sweep efficiency. Due to a current low price of oil and projected higher futures, an economic model was developed which suggested that new wells be added to the field in certain locations, workover certain wells, and allow pressure to build up in high hydrocarbon pore volume areas by shutting in wells for a short time period while allowing workovers. As workovers and drilling operations are completed and the price of oil gradually increases, more hydrocarbon rich areas of the field will be accessed resulting in a slight decrease in short term production, but a significant increase in long term production with minimal additional costs.
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