How-To Guide for Industrial Microbusinesses: Startup strategies, retrofitting your facility, and the dawn of the "Eco Shop", The

Heberling, Gretchen
This project, which culminated in a self-published book, took an interdisciplinary approach to the two fields of entrepreneurship and green building, specifically targeting micro-businesses, those with 25 employees or less or annual income less than $500,000. The author, an architectural engineering student and small business owner herself, investigated and interviewed the local light industrial businesses of Laramie, drew from her experience working in her mother's small manufacturing business, and applied techniques learned in her engineering curriculum to recommend strategies for retro fitting and designing facilities unique to this sector of small businesses. The goal of the project was to convey to the light industrial business owner that building green, applying sustainable practices into every line of their work, and reducing energy consumption across the board can save companies money, money that can greatly impact their cash flow and continuity of operations.
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