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Feasible and Flexible: Launching an Information and Digital Literacy Badge and Certificate Program in Collaboration with a Teaching and Learning Center

Peter, Samantha Huntington
Clement, Kristina
Sheridan, Shannon Alexandra
Baribeau, Hilary
In fall 2019, the University of Wyoming (UW) Libraries launched an information and digital literacy badge and certificate program in partnership with the Ellbogen Center for Teaching and Learning (ECTL), housed in the UW Libraries main branch. ECTL crafts programing and provides support for graduate students, staff, and faculty who teach on our campus by employing instructional designers. The Information and Digital Badge and Certificate Program was created when ECTL redesigned their Teaching and Learning Certificate, and it features many services and resources that UW Libraries already offers (i.e., information literacy instruction and research consultations). This article will detail the redesign of the certificate program, how the current teaching and learning certificate was designed, and conclude with lessons learned from the first year of the program as well as future goals.
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Association of College and Research Libraries
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Information literacy,Digital literacy,Center for teaching and learning,Academic Libraries,Digital Badging
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