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MOLB/MICR 2021 - Lab Notebook (2nd Edition)

Rhoad, Amy
Watson, Rachel
Welcome to Microbiology Lab! Using this lab manual, you can explore the central roles of microorganisms in nature and in our daily lives. In this process of discovery, we will become adept with standard microbiological techniques that will allow us to investigate the structure and physiology of microorganisms. The various sub- disciplines of microbiology including bacterial genetics, bacteriology, immunology, and environmental and applied microbiology will be introduced. The experiments to be conducted in the General Microbiology Laboratory are outlined in this manual. Additionally, many virtual resources are available. The primary lab website, which is complete with virtual lab content, can be found at http://www.uwyo.edu/molb2021/ . If you are an instructor and would like access to instructor resources please contact Amy Rhoad (asaville@uwyo.edu) or Rachel Watson (RWatson@uwyo.edu)
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