History of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

Banzon, Peter J
Water vessels were one of the key methods of pre-industrial transportation. Where navigable waterways were not available, some were constructed. One of these constructions was the Chesapeak and Ohio Canal which follows much of the Potomac river from Washington DC to Cumberland, Maryland. This project is a video that details the history of the canal from before its conception to modern day. The project focuses on economic and political factors that drove the canals history. This allows the project to not only be a history of the canal but give insights into parts of American history framed from how they influenced the canal.  The video primarly consists of footage taken whilst biking the canals length. This is included as not only a means to increase the engagment of the video but to showcase the non-market recreation value of the canal to help demonstrate how it is still economically valuable even if it is no longer transporting goods.
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Chesapeake Bay,Potomac River,history information,Infastructure,Maryland,Canal
High, Mike. The C & O Canal Companion: A Journey through Potomac History. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2015.
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